How to run as administrator in Windows 10

The administrator feature in Windows 10 has been designed to allow one person to manage a personal computer or home network. The person who has been given this responsibility will usually provide maintenance, ensure a computer’s operating ability and determine which multi-users will be allowed to operate the machine or log onto their network. Windows 10 administrators can also be used to control their business networks as well.

The following article will explain how to run administrator in Windows 10 and how to use this function effectively

A Quick Word about Windows 10 Administrator Account
When you use Windows 10 for the first time, the operating system automatically creates an administrator account. It also creates additional guest accounts as well. The administrator account is the only one that will allow users to load software onto the computer and connect hardware to the unit. Windows 10 will also give administrators access to guest accounts. Administrators will also have the ability to modify any settings within the system. In short, Windows administrator simply allows the primary name on the account to control the whole PC.

Administrators Control All of the Activity

The main thing to remember about administrator accounts is that they have the control of the whole entire computer. Now, if you are not sure if your account is an administrator account you can quickly find out. Just go to your START button and click it. Then your START MENU will pop up. Then you should locate the name of the current account on the START MENU. The name should be on the left side. Then click the CHANGE ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Once your settings window pops up it will signify if it is an administrator’s account. This is how to run as administrator Windows 10.

Administrators Safeguard a Computer’s Activity

If you live in a house where a lot of people use PCs then having an administrator just makes sense. This is especially true within a home where there are a bunch of teens and kids. A parent should want to utilise an administrator account to keep children from doing whatever they feel like doing. Also, an administrator account ensures that a parent can keep their system working optimally. They can routinely check for problems and evaluate a network for any trouble as well. The main thing for a parental administrator is that they have control of their computer or network functions and operations.

How to become the Administrator for Windows 10

Sometimes it is necessary for a person to take over as a Windows 10 administrator. To perform this function you should click the Windows key on the bottom left side of your keyboard. Once the START MENU shows up, type the “cmd” prompt.


Next, you should right-click the command prompt which should bring up “cmd. exe” and then select the “run as administrator”. You will then need to hold the Shift-key and the Ctrl-key before starting the “cmd.exe”.
All of the accounts on your computer will then be displayed. One of the accounts that are displayed will be for the administrator. Next, you will need to activate the inactive administrator account and then run the command net user for administrator. Another prompt will appear and it will display administrator/active:yes. Windows will then let you know if you successfully made the switch to become the administrator.

Windows 10 Administrator Features

There are useful tools for administrators in Windows 10. These tools will provide administrators with the ability to defrag and optimise their hard drives, to clean up junk files, view their systems logs and evaluate how well their system is running. These tools are useful for home computers, but they are more practical for business related matters.
Many people assume that Windows 10 is best designed for the home, but it is best suited for businesses. The administrator tools are more effective in this arena. Fact is that most PC home users will not try to purposely mess up a computer. People have a tendency to do worse things on public computers that are shared by many different users.
So, having the administrator’s tools at your disposal will help you to keep control of what is being done. Also, it will give you the ability limit or even restrict people who use a business computer. A small business with a few employees can benefit from this feature and it can also benefit a large IT department using this OS. Ultimately, Windows 10 administrators ensure that their computers, systems and networks are running smoothly with as few problems as possible.